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Acceleration... Empty
PostSubject: Acceleration...   Acceleration... EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 4:41 pm

Hypothesis: Every object that falls in minecraft has it's own "Acceleration constant" which can be calculated based on tests in freefall. This acceleration constant can then be applied into an equation like d=Vi(t)+(1/2)a(t^2) [the formula for displacement, which can be rearranged to solve for the amount of time something will take to fall] where Vi is initial velocity, a is the acceleration constant, d is displacement, and t is time.

First Test: Falling Players

To set up this experiment, I found a long, flat area with which to... well... drop myself onto.

Firstly I set up 3 instances, 10 Blocks high, 20 Blocks high, and 30 blocks high.

I dropped myself 7 times from each height, and recorded the time from the moment I began to fall, until I hit the ground. I then found the average fall time from each height. I proceeded then to use these two values to find the average velocity of the fall from each height. Because initial velocity is 0, I was able to calculate the final velocity of each fall, therefore allowing me to calculate the acceleration experienced during each fall. After finding the acceleration for all 3 instances, I decided to average them together and come up with an average player acceleration for minecraft. The number I came up with is -36.79113231 Blocks/ Second^2.

Player Fall Data (Click to see data)

Second Test: Falling Sand/Gravel

Just as a given, falling sand and gravel fall at the same rate, their acceleration constant is the same. They do indeed accelerate at a different rate than player and items. To test their rate of acceleration, I built structures 6 blocks, 11 blocks, and 16 blocks high. I then placed the sand block on the uppermost block, allowing it to fall [x-1] blocks (5, 10 and 15). I used my trusty stopwatch to take the time it took for 20 trials of each to fall.
The rate of a sandblock accelerating downward is on average about -9.970022187 Blocks/Second^2.

Sand/Gravel Fall Data (Click to see data)

Third Test: Falling Items

All items [the definition of item: anything you can put in the inventory and drop on the floor] fall at the same rate. This can be observed by placing any kinds of items on top of a glass block, over a drop. All of them will fall in the same formation they were on the glass block. To calculate the rate of falling of items I created a 10 block drop with a pressure plate at the bottom, which would light up a red torch at the top [the 10 block drop allowed for instantaneous transmission of the electric current, there didn't seem any need for an offset] and allow me to note the time with a stopwatch. [There was also... y'know... looking down at the drop and hearing the sound of the pressure plate that let me get more accurate measurements]. This result is more tentative than the others, seeing as I only tested it 10 trials in 1 experiment, as the others I tested multiple times. The results so far are that items accelerate downward at a speed of -14.03523741 Blocks/second^2

Item Fall Data (Click to see data)

Fourth Test: Running Speed

I just thought I'd add this in here... It's not about freefall. The max velocity running speed seems to be 4 Blocks/Second in a straight line.

Running Speed Data (Click to see data)

Fifth Test: Max Minecart Speed

The max minecart velocity seems to be 8.148 Blocks/Second. However it makes more sense to round it off to 8.

Minecart Speed Data (Click to see data)

Conclusions/TL;DR -
Players accelerate at a rate of: -36.79113231 Blocks/ Second^2.
Sand/Gravel accelerates at a rate of: -9.970022187 Blocks/Second^2.
Items accelerate at a rate of: -14.03523741 Blocks/second^2
Players run [straight] at a max velocity of: 4 Blocks/second
Mincarts travel [straight] (With a player in it) at a max velocity of: 8 Blocks/second

Acceleration... Garenstamp6jyp69Acceleration... Garenstamp6jyp69Acceleration... Garenstamp6jyp69Acceleration... Garenstamp6jyp69
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